Castaway Rainbow

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    Last month my wife and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary aboard the Disney Dream. ; Our day on Castaway was not one of great weather, cold and they handed out the $8 Disney Parks ponchos for free as you left the ship (which we took as a not so good sign). ; It did not start to rain until about 12:30, but never stopped after that. ; We got completely soaked waiting to reboard the ship. ; But as we were getting ready to get a drink before dinner I looked out of our balcony and this was the site. ; It was kind of cool to see. ;

    Castaway Rainbow by jbwolffiv, on Flickr
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    I'd say a beautiful spectacle like that was definitely worth the rain lol! Nature pictures never cease to amazing me. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks @Edware

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