Disney cake?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by amw, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. amw

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    Has anyone had experience in ordering a Disney cake while at WDW? ... not one of the frozen restaurant cakes. I was thinking of ordering the large Mickey Head as our next trip will be in the middle of both my daughters' birthdays. Anyone had and liked/disliked? It's $48US so I want to make sure it's edible! ; ;)
  2. scratch

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    I've ordered the Castle Cake and the Slipper Cake for Birthday Celebrations.

    The people who received them seemed to enjoy them!

    I called the Bakery ahead of time to order and had them delivered to the restaurant we were eating at.
  3. you can always get plain small cake if order at podium when enter - if want anything special, go thru cake hotline (which is llikely where you got the price) - I've had clients order specialty cakes and just love them. ; I've not ordered them personally, but have had the plain cakes a couple of times.
  4. disneynorth

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    I preordered the small chocolate cake back in May for my wife's birthday. ; It was well worth it! ; Easy to order too.

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