Disney Dream 4-Night Cruise

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  1. I think Ive decided on that day Im going to take my shoulder bag so I can take 3 lenses (everything except my 50mm....who knows might have to find a way to take that one too) I found out a few days ago that the day we are there is the last day of the Carnival festival on St. John and they have a parade. ; Don't know what we'll see or if we'll see anything!
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    One other point to make about your island excursion...you will not have a lot of time at each stop. ; They keep you moving along.
  3. Yeah so Ive heard ; :mad:
  4. Last one I promise...cause I REALLY gotta finish packing. Is it worth it to take my tripod? I have a Velbon Ultra Luxi F so it folds down small but will I use it?
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    I used my tripod for a couple of things: the fireworks and for photographing the lobby late at night. ; I could have used it around the decks late at night or early morning but never got around to it as others have. ; It's up to you what you want to do with your time. ; :)

    Of course, if you are going to WDW before/after the cruise and want to photograph fireworks or at night, you'll need a tripod then.
  6. no WDW for me...

    Aagh! I still don't know! Ive never really been a tripod user...jsut too much of a hassell. But I do want to get some nice pics around the ship and we've got 3 full days (and more) so I can really take my time. ; Or should I just take my monopod?
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    Ever use a bean bag? ; That's what I used for the photo of the drink on the bar. ; There are lots of railings and surfaces you could use a bean bag on around the ship. ; Not as stable as a tripod but can get the job done. ;

    Again, it is up to you and what you want to photograph. ; I used the tripod only a couple of times. ; I could have used it more but this trip was more of a vacation.

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