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  1. I joined yesterday, which quite incidentally, was also my 13th anniversary where we get to celebrated not only the day, but also the fact that we were fortunate enough to have a real Disney World (Polynesian Resort) wedding!

    The pictures were awesome, with the castle in the background and the Seven Seas Lagoon in the foreground. Great, wonderful, fun memories...


    Let me offer a brief introduction:

    We moved from the Pacific Northwest six years ago to Lake Buena Vista. We moved here only for the love of Disney. [In fact I was dragged away from Honolulu, Hawaii by a spouse that got tired of island living after a couple of years!!!]

    We have the time to visit very often and have probably been there 500 times or more. We have seen every event and shopped at virtually every store and tasted every type of food. One of our funnest things has been to get front row seats for new artists appearing at Epcot. Not one band has played that we have not seen at least once.

    My sincerest and best regards to you all


    When we got here six years ago, my old camera and lenses was poor (EOS Rebel, circa 2005). I told myself that when I finally got my new camera, I would be serious about getting my wife all the pictures she has been pining for! Well, I just splurged last month!

    I love photography and just got my long-dreamed-for Canon 70D. If anyone loves taking pictures and will trade some time for food and beverage, I would love to learn! I would love to be able to swap a few pictures in order to learn and appreciate the work of others.

    I have been taking pictures for a long time and understand all the basics, but would love to learn better actual portrait taking, with proper lighting; and also, unique architectural shots and angles, etc. I have seen some tutorials for cool, staged pictures that I would like to have friends help set up, etc.

    My goal is to have at least 1,000 photos in my gallery within a couple of months!

    I probably won't get there unless someone answers my plea for help!

    Finally, can anyone possible point me to a good group that meets to take photos of the parks and resorts?

    If there is anyone here that might like to get together one afternoon, when we finish with some photos, I will buy the beer! At least five and no more than ten people would be cool! Just a couple to three hour stint with pre-planned itinerary would be preferred, if anyone has ideas.

    I will set up a formal group however someone would like and I will cover the costs.
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    Welcome to the Site there are a lot of good photographers here :)

    But not @Tim
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  3. That's too funny...

    I guess I have my work cut out! He has over 10,000 pictures!!!!

    Thank you.
  4. gary

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    You need to attend pixelmania in december for as many hours as you can. Its like a free 4 day workshop on disney photography, we all love to share and bounce ideas of each other
  5. Nice!

    Glad I came here to ask, because I had no idea...

    Is there any place that discusses how the process works and how many people show up?

    Do people travel to Disney just for this event?
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  6. gary

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    Yes, check out all the pixelmania threads on here, many of us do in fact travel expressly to attend. Over on my phanfare site i have a number pixelmania schedules from past years posted
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    If you're interested in attending Pixelmania, I recommend clicking on the "Follow Forum" button at the top of the Pixelmania portion of this site. By doing so, you'll receive an email whenever a new thread is started in the section. Also there's a preliminary sign up thread in that section that lists the current preliminary schedule (subject to change).

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