DPReview - R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Misc. Posting Board' started by zackiedawg, Mar 21, 2023.

  1. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    In case you hadn't heard the news, one of the biggest and longest running photo forums has announced its date of death - 4/10/23.

    Fun point-of-fact - I met Tim on those boards - posting photos of Disney and PMing back and forth on the idea he had of starting a Disney photo forum.

    The times, they are a' changin.
  2. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    That's a shame. That was my go-to-place for reviews when I was shopping for new gear. It's just another sad example of a megacorporation buying out worthwhile companies and shutting them down.
  3. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    Good news everyone: The stories of DP Review's death are premature. In June, 2023, the site was acquired by Gear Patrol and is alive and well.
  4. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Crazy news - I haven't been on the internet forums very much the past two months - very busy with an office move, vacation, and dealing with assisted living search for a relative...finally checked back in today to find that news about Dpreview.

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