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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by weemcp, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. weemcp

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    We were able to add on the DDP for free with this trip. It was a good opportunity for us to try it out, because we weren't sure that it would be worth the money.

    We were definitely glad that we had the free plan! We didn't use all of our TS credits or QS credits - but we did use all the snacks.

    I was quite surprised at the portion of the QS credits - I only ever ate half at a time, and would save the rest for dinner. I took home half of my meal from 2 of the TS restaurants also - and that was good for another meal.

    We wouldn't pay for the TS plan - we didnt 'eat at enough restaurants to make it worth it. We *might* buy the QS plan next time we go, but are hoping that free dining will be on again.
  2. amw

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    Yes - only if it's free! ; Now that my DD is 10 (turning 11 in 3 weeks), it doesn't make sense to pay for an "adult" plan. Besides ... no flaming ... I found Disney sit-down restaurants lacking in variety & quality (while being VERY loud and packed to the brim). We much prefer to eat off-property. Better food, better prices. You do need a car though.
  3. weemcp

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    We weren't as happy with the meal choices this time either. I am a picky eater, and also have a lot of sensitivities - so I need to be careful with what I eat. I found that at most restaurants I ended up ordering pretty much the same thing (turkey sandwich or wrap). 5 years ago things were much more appealing. Rainforest and T-rex were probably my best meals (although coral reef was pretty good, if only I got to finish it)
  4. PGFamily

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    Waaaay too much food - I was shocked at the quantities that were being served (and consumed for the most part!) on our last trip. ; We have used the dining plan four times now - three TS and once QS (which was free on our package); unfortunately for the three TS times, we felt that we needed to "get what we paid for" and overate. ; We always had credits left over but really had great dining experiences with the table services that we would never have had if we were not on the dining plan. ; We've always enjoyed the quality of the food, but it was way to much. ;

    On our last QS trip, we shared meals; unfortunately, they will not substitute one large ("monster") drink or a dessert for two kids' size drinks/desserts which was disappointing. ; I understand that they need to control stock and quantities but it would have been nice to be able to have more frequent but smaller shared meals to use up the credits. ; Next time, we're going to try going it on our own...

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