Frozen's "Let it Go" Sing Along :D

Discussion in 'Disney With The Kids' started by Youtuber1320, May 7, 2014.

  1. Youtuber1320

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    Too Cute!
  2. brandon0818x

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    I think Frozen is going to start a trend in Disney movies. Before Frozen, there were few movies that were so focused on the soundtrack. Besides Frozen, one of the other most loved animated and more recent Disney movies would be Tangled. Personally, I thought the plot was a bit too scary for little children, but the music made it all seem okay. I think Disney will show a bigger focus on the soundtracks and provide songs that kids are easily able to sing along to, as this is a big factor in determining how successful a Disney movie is. I knew all the Frozen songs before I even watched the movie!
  3. QueenElsa

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    Too cute! I love the little girls dressed up as Anna and Elsa in the front :) (not the "actual" Anna & Elsa, the two other ones! haha)
  4. Aprax

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    This is really adorable! Watching all those little kids dressed up and singing along is really nice! :)
  5. VTEC 9/12/44

    VTEC 9/12/44 Member

    So cute! My dad and I loved watching that, especially as the kids were clearly enjoying themselves with it.

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