Halloween Horror Nights during Pixelmania 2021

Discussion in 'PIXELMANIA!' started by ddindy, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. ddindy

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    Universal has announced that they plan to hold Halloween Horror Nights in 2021. This included the time when we're down for Pixelmania. Naturally, there are not a lot of details available yet. Go to the Halloween Horror Nights page for details.

    The schedule looks like it will occur Wednesday through Sunday every week in September and October. I am tentatively planning to go on the Sunday before Pixelmania, October 17, COVID permitting.

    This is definitely scary event, so don't plan on free candy or a parade of friendly animals.

    I've been once, but it was a learning experience, so I want to go again now that I know how things work.
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  2. Nancy AK

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    @ddindy, I’ve seen photos on Flickr. Looks like Zombies walking the streets? Is it something you can just observe or are you chased, etc?
  3. ddindy

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    There are several themed "scare zones" scattered around the park. If you walk on the street, you are likely to be approached by scareactors. If you stick to the sidewalks, you are safe.
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  4. I have been working out so I'm pretty fast . The slowest ones are eaten by the zombies, so plan accordingly.
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  5. Nancy AK

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  6. RedOctober25

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    I’ll know more next week, but I might be arriving early... in which case I’d be up for this too. If that’s the case, I’m also wondering about the tours (ie lights on walkthrough) as an option.

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  7. ddindy

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    I did the six-house tour in 2018 (they also offered a three-house tour). It was very interesting, but since I took the tour before I went to HHN, I think it spoiled some of the frights.

    Both the tour and HHN involved a lot of walking. Several of the houses are out in backstage areas and there can be very long lines at night. Like most things in theme parks, it's best if you arrive early and stay late.

    In some of the houses that were related to a specific IP (like Stranger Things and Poltergeist), photography was limited to certain areas. The tour guide was very good with tips like "You can only take pictures in this room. If you stand in the doorway leading to the next room where you are not allowed to take pictures, you are still in the room where you can take pictures." (Wink, wink)

    If you're in the park at closing and have an HHN ticket, you can wait in one of several corrals while they clear the park. The corrals are opened about 30 minutes before they open the gates so you can hit one or two houses with short waits. Unfortunately, not all of the houses are open that early and since it's still light out, it's hard to see inside the darker houses.

    One thing I did was leave the hotel early to take advantage of early entry, which meant I was in the park before 8 am. That gave me a couple of hours before the tour to do stuff. The down side was that I was pretty much exhausted halfway through the party and left around 11 pm rather than waiting to see if the crowds thinned out after midnight.
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  8. ddindy

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    @RedOctober25 Note that in 2018, the tours were only given on party days. It would be nice to go to the party on Sunday and do the tour on Monday, but there's no tour on Monday because there is no party that day.
  9. RedOctober25

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    It’s a moot point anyway... unless I waitlist, of the three days I need on either end, only one or two are available. But as long as dvc lifts the 50% borrowing rule next year, I’ll have enough points to stay 13 nights in a one bedroom villa for next years PixelMania.

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  10. ddindy

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  11. Universal has opened ticket sales for Halloween horror nights for our date.
  12. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    I ordered mine. $78.80 including taxes.
  13. I'll be working on that hopefully tomorrow. I have an Annual Pass voucher and I have to call to see how I can redeem my 1 night ticket that is included in that AP level.

    Oh happy day.:rolleyes: I get to call customer service. At least it's not at Disney. Calling Disney customer service these days is like Lord of the Flies. You have to dial in right at 7am and hope you don't get the village idiot.

    There are MANY idiots in the Disney customer service village. Rumor (from a bus driver) has it that they are pulling in warm bodies to answer the phones, NO experience necessary!


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