Happy New Year - time to update the copyright date in your camera

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    If you, like me, have configured your camera to put a copyright message in your photos, it's time to change the year in that message.

    Long-winded explanation:

    In these new-fangled cameras that we use these days, you can put all kinds of information into the photos that you take.

    In my Nikon SLRs, there is an option on the SETUP menu to include copyright information in the EXIF data. Here's what I put in mine:

    (C) 2022 John Smith CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

    • (C) indicates copyright information (because Nikon didn't think to include the copyright symbol © in the list of characters that can be entered).
    • 2022 is the year that the photos will be taken. Every year I have to remember to change this to the new year.
    • Next, I enter my name. I'm using John Smith in this example to confuse identity thieves.
    • CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 is license information. I use a Creative Commons Attribution/Non-commercial/No derivatives license, which is abbreviated as CC BY-NC-ND. The 4.0 is the current version of that license. I believe that some people may even include the URL of the license, but I don't.
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