Have you ever photoshopped any one..

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    All in the name of love-I am not talking taking a blemish off- or skimming away a few pounds..lol in the excitement of the hunt- we did not get a good picture of the whole animal and the happy hunter and guide. Best shot of animal- has the guys head tops cut off- best picture of guys holding antlers have most of animal body cut off..all shot at night- but not by me.- I was more concerned about how much pain DH might be in.He cant get down to the animal so the normal shot/antler/hunter head shot wasnt possible ; So I have spent the last three hours doing my best...to make a picture of happy people and a whole animal....Of course the best pictures of the antlers is what he is after.... ::) and that is of course not the best picture in a long shot......between LR and Photoshop- I got it done. In all my excitement of shooting pictures of the live stuff- we missed the real "money shot" of the trip for him and for that I am sorry. :-\ :'(

    Any one else out there- do any compositing- to make someone else happy. ;)
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    Just for fun, and nothing that intense...
    (Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes as part of the Outsiders with Miley Cyrus as PonyBoy)

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  3. Way to go Red! ; :bstar: :star: :rstar:

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    Good job! Red
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    Ralph Garman (the other photoshopped person) and Kevin Smith do a weekly "Hollywood News" podcast. ; One of the segments is where fans put them into situations they normally would not be. ; This photo made the podcast back in December, and was done only with the use of my iPad.

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