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    Hello!! I'm new and so here is my little "get-to-know-me" thread.
    1. What's your first name? Laconia
    2. Do you have a nickname? Coco
    3. What area of the world do you call home? Texas
    4. How did you find wdw360? word of mouth
    5. At what age did you get bitten with the Disney Bug? I can't remember exactly at what age. I was really young though.
    6. Marital status? Not married
    7. Occupation? Healthcare
    8. Favorite food? deviled eggs
    9. Which Disney park is your favorite? I have yet to visit one. Maybe if I have kids of my own, I'll go. Don't really have a reason or the funds to go now though.
    10. Who is your favorite character in a Disney? I don't really have a favorite
    11. How often do you take a trip to Disney? I have never been. I wouldn't mind going though if the opportunity presented itself. Guess we'll see what happens, lol

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