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  1. Putting this here because it DOES have to do with Hidden Mickeys!

    So my Disney lesson plan is taking shape but I'm short just one idea. ; I thought it would be fun to ahve the kids search for Hidden Mickeys on an activity page or something. ; Then I got the idea of printing out screen caps where hidden Mickeys appear in Disney films but I can't get the screen caps clear enough for the kids to search for Mickey. So I'm back to figuring out how to make my own "Find the Hidden Mickeys" page but I'm no artist so any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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    Why not use pictures of hidden Mickeys from the parks?
  3. An idea but all I can find are closeups of the HM's which dont help me much :(
  4. mSummers

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    Good point, I didn't think of that. ; I couldn't find a single hidden Mickey picture in my collection, so I'm not much help either...
  5. Im doing better, able to dig out a few around the net. Hopefully this isnt too hard for my 4 year olds. Wanted to do something like a coloring page (color the hidden mickeys) but I dont think Im that good of an artist to figure out how to do that...unless its easy. HM in clouds, HM in tree...
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    You could always make your own HM coloring page using photoshop. Insert a few mickey's in with other characters. You could cut and paste from free online Disney coloring pages. Good luck!
  7. Thanks pixie for the suggestion. Actually what I was able to do, thanks to Flickr is dig up some good Hidden Mickeys. ; Then I took 4 of them and thanks to photoshop, turned them into coloring pages, the kids will find the hidden Mickey color it red. Then if they want to they can later color the whole thing. ; Will definitely being taking pictures of everything for my files and maybe Ill post what I came up with here.

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