Jungle Cruise, now with 100% more woke

Discussion in 'Disney News, Rumors and Current Events' started by Tim, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. Tim

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  2. RedOctober25

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    Guess this will be a definite “must do” for PixelMania... get it shot before it’s gone (at least in its former iteration).

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  3. zackiedawg

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    Not as bad as the various POTC PC makeovers. Guess you've got to find the silver linings!
  4. You're getting monkeys on a wrecked boat.
    quit yer bitchin.
    What more could we want?

  5. RedOctober25

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    I did realize that the ride already has corporate sponsorship as they end on the “Amazon” River... so I suspect the ending will change to this.

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