Justin from Boca Raton - I made it, Tim! Hello, Disney hearties!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by zackiedawg, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Very nice...quite a site you've built up here, now with these forums. Quite snappy! Sorry it took me so long to get in here and register...I've been in and out of town and country for the past few months. I won't be home too much longer after this either, since I'll be in Disney World starting tomorrow and through Tuesday, Dec.12 (and hopefully getting the chance to say 'hi' to Mr. Tim himself).

    Just a little background on me, since this is the introductory site:

    I'm a long-time Disney fan, having started growing up in New Jersey by being placed in front of the TV as a baby to watch a certain TV show weekly which apparently made me very happy (so I'm told). When Walt's new dream park was set to open down in the swamps of Florida, my grandmother decided to take us on our first pilgrimage, getting us there just a few weeks after the opening in 1971. Of course, it was magic! We returned in 1972 and 1973, until my grandmother finally decided to move to Florida in 1974. My mother and I moved to California instead, inconveniently placing us far away from Walt Disney World, but conveniently placing us right next to Disneyland...where we frequented several times a year from 1974-1976. My mother and I then moved to Florida as well, and from 1976 to 1986 we made 4-6 family trips per year to Disney World, usually staying in the Fort Wilderness cabins or Contemporary Hotel Garden wings. From 1986-1990, I went to college in New Orleans, always heading back home for the summer, and our annual Memorial Day week at Disney. Then, in 1990, I moved to California fresh out of college - once again supplanting Walt Disney World with Disneyland, but still not going a year without a visit to a Disney park! In 1994, I moved back to Florida, and have been regularly visiting Disney World 5 or 6 times per year. In 1995-6, the family bought into the DVC...and after using the family points for a few years, bought into it myself. I've bought annual passes since they've been available, and have a Disney Visa too. :)

    I love photography...it started in 1998 with my first digital camera, free from limitations and expenses of film. Of course, it was only 1MP back then! But I've been moving up since, with my first Prosumer cam (5MP) in 2003, and now a second super-zoom cam to back it up. I've got alot of Disney pics in my two old photo galleries - the low resolution galleries are all I had until earlier this year - which can be viewed here:

    http://pic1.funtigo.com/zackiedawg/?b=2 ... start&cr=1
    http://pic1.funtigo.com/zackiedawg/?b=3 ... y&nav=prev

    I now have a much nicer, higher-resolution gallery for my photos at www.pbase.com/zackiedawg, but there isn't much Disney in it...yet. I'll be both taking new pics this weekend and in January, as well as cleaning up and posting some of my older photos from the archives, and adding a 'Disney' gallery to my high-res site.

    That's me and my interests in a really huge nutshell. Glad to be aboard! Less than 24 hours from now, I'll be at the Saratoga Springs check-in desk, and spending the next 5 days takin' Disney pics!
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    Welcome Justin - nice to meet you. I LOVE your photo of the giraffe at AK with the reflection in the water. Can't wait to see your photos from this trip. Barrie
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    Thanks Barrie...had a great trip this time! It was great to meet Tim and the group, and the weather worked wonders both for bringing out the animals and providing nice, crisp light to shoot in.

    Just got home a few hours ago, haven't unpacked yet, and have to go to work tomorrow through Friday. I took lots of photos on this trip, and have alot of resizing and uploading to do! Hopefully I can get everything processed and up by the weekend, and post a link. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's shots from this trip too.
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  4. Tim

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    justin, it was a pleasure finally meeting you. it's too bad we didn't have more time to hang out and and take some pics but i never thought mousefest was going to be quite so busy. chances are i'll be going back to wdw in the future :)
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    Guess you now see that Lou and I weren't joking about the lack of sleep thing :D
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  6. zackiedawg

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    I figured you were pretty busy/high on the stress level, so I didn't want to burden you with any extra pressure. It was great to meet a fellow Disney enthusiast and photographer...next time we happen to be up there at the same time, without the pressure of the Mousefest, we'll hang out and do a photo-tour.

    As you know, I'm up there very often! So our paths will cross again soon enough. I'll be there this January - over MLK weekend for 6 days. And again in May, then August, then November, etc. etc. etc.

    In the meantime, glad to have this site and the forums!
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