Kouzzina - Cat Cora's New Restuarant!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by scratch, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. scratch

    scratch Member

    It's opening up September 17th!

    Started taking ADR's today!

    Got one for October 11th!

    Will let you guys know how it was!
  2. scratch

    scratch Member

    And Pictures!

    Both of the Food and the Decor!

    *Food before I take a few bites!LOL
  3. Sean&Karen

    Sean&Karen Guest

    and then post them on the photo gallery here :)
  4. scratch

    scratch Member

    Of Course!
  5. I just made an ADR for here!
  6. So scratch are we invited to go with you for breakfast???
  7. scratch

    scratch Member

    Yes! ; Come join me because nobody else wants to get up early that day!

    I'll let you know date and time later!

    I have another shift today. ; Ended up working 10 hours yesterday! and doing 7 today.
  8. ate there for supper with my brood - delicious. ; Cat Cora herself doesn't work there - she opened restaurant (a la Gordon Ramsey - she hired a head chef) - good Greek food, quality and flavours - I had lamb shank that was delicious, and a dessert to die for. ; Kids' menu surprisingly lame - I think it was same old chicken fingers and another thing or two (like every spot at Disney). Adult's menu delicious. Beautiful decor - and right next to Candy Store, right on Boardwalk
  9. scratch

    scratch Member

    Never did make it and hopefully the breakfast ADR was used by my friend!

    Ended up meeting up with friends and did the F&W around the World instead! ;
  10. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    I know I could google it but who is Cat Cora?
  11. apparently, there's a reality show that I don't watch :)... called Iron Chef. ; She's the only female chef on it...
  12. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    Girl Power!!!!! ;D
  13. ok so we used Scratch's ADR for breakfast. We were up and she wasn't. LOL

    Breakfast was ok - we were given a buzzer thing even though the restaurant was basically empty. We had to wait maybe 7 minutes before we were called into the restaurant. There were approximately 10 tables full.

    It was a standard breakfast - he had the eggs over and he said that they were cold. The toast came unbuttered but we asked for butter and they did bring it. I had a ham and cheese omelet which was ok but the ham was a bit too salty for my taste. The service was so-so - she forgot to bring our juice until she was reminded. She also brought out the tea box and took forever bringing up a tea pot of hot water and a cup. The tea pot was never refilled with more hot water.

    It was a once. Glad we did it but won't be going back anytime soon.
  14. We really enjoyed the food - delicious stuff. ; Here's a pic of my dessert!

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