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    nailed it, it's a song sparrow. i used the app, cropped in tight in lightroom, took a phone photo and submitted that with capture location and date to the app, app came back in seconds with a match photo, confirmed song sparrow. i take back most, not all of the bad things i said about phone photos. you should definitely get this app. after you make a bird match, it asks you to create an account, it seems that all these sightings get entered into the cornell database, which makes sense, allows cornell to build a realtime range map, especially with climate change concerns, i am sure some of the bird ranges are shifting.
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  2. I downloaded/joined as per your recommendation! Thanks!
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    it's getting crowded in the nest, first time in awhile i have seen all 5 birds there at once, the 2 parents, 3 chicks, and 1 very unlucky bluefish

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