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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by CameraGirl, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Ok, I finally got some ADRs for our December trip. ;If anyone that is going down at this time would like to join us, please feel free to book for the same times. ;The more the merrier!!

    50's Prime Time
    Dec 4@ 11:15
    (Not sure if we will keep this one)

    Trails End Restaurant
    Dec 6 @ 5:35

    Sci-Fi Diner
    Dec 7 @ 5:30

    Tusker House
    Dec 8 @ 1:25

    Hoop Dee Doo
    Dec 9 @ 9:30
    (Trying to get something earlier so we don't have a sleeping baby with us)

    Cape May Cafe
    Dec 10 7:10

    50's Prime Time Cafe
    Dec 11 @ 4:10

    Crystal Palace
    Dec 12 @ 3:25

    So excited for some of these places. ;The cast member booking me went on and on about an oreo dessert at Cape May and I can't believe we got a booking for Crystal Palace. ;I never imagined that we would get to eat there. ;I do wish we could have gotten Mickey's Backyard BBQ or Chef Mickeys. ;But I think we are on our way to having a great eating experience. ;I am going to have to bring stretchy pants for sure!!
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    No photo's please .. i am shy lol

  3. Northernmouse

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    Quite Different than ours hopefully we'll cross paths. This will also tell you the parks we'll be in each day we're going try one park a day without park hopping.

    Dec 6 1:05 pm Whispering Canyon (Christmas Party in the Evening)

    Dec 7 6:00 pm Plaza Restaurant

    Dec 8 4:50 pm Teppan Edo

    Dec 9 5:20 pm Tusker House

    Dec 10 12:35 PM Mama Melrose's

    Dec 11 6:00 pm Chefs De France

    Dec 12 5:25 Ohana
  4. Sean&Karen

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    The dining plan (i know you don't like it Carlos) will pay for itself on this trip

  5. Northernmouse

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    I don't mind the dining plan it just takes some extra planning. Luckily we have free dining this trip.
  6. Trail's End is pretty much same food as Hoop Dee Doo (just in case you didn't know - delicious, as it is), and you might want to think about early morning to Cape May depending on where you are staying (have to leave 45 mins-an hour or so for bus ride, make sure you don't have late night the night before, and consider whether you want to rise that early on vacation) - otherwise, everyone's plans look great to me.

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