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    The Magic in Pixels is proud to announce that Pixelmania 2018, our 10th annual gathering, is scheduled for Wednesday October 24th to Sunday October 28th in the Walt Disney World Resort.

    Pixelmania is a gathering of Disney photography, friends, and fun and is designed to be a low-stress, open-ended event where we can all learn and share together. The schedule is flexible, with plenty of down time so you can enjoy your favorite dining and attractions, while still having fun in the company of your fellow photogs and online friends.

    The Planning Board is working hard on a great mix of new and old favorite events with a possible surprise or two mixed in. For now, please be sure to mark your calendar and plan on being at Walt Disney World during this fun and informative event.

    If you're planning to attend, please make sure to let us know in the Signup Thread so we can keep an accurate head count for the event.
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    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

    Pixelmania will be attending MNSSHP, Friday Oct 26th. If you'd like to join us, get your tickets now! This is the last Friday party before Halloween, so it will likely sell out.
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    Preliminary Dining Information:

    The planning board has arranged for the following dining slots during Pixelmania. The planning board has already made reservations with Disney Dining for a fixed amount of seats. We are letting you know this information so that you may plan accordingly if you would like to join us for meals.

    A sign up list will be released closer to the dates of Pixelmania.

    Homecomin' at Disney Springs - WEDNESDAY 10/24 @ 4:30 pm. We will not be having any meets at the parks prior to this meal.
    Homecomin Menu

    Signup Link

    Thursday will be grazing on your own at Food and Wine at Epcot

    Crystal Palace At the Magic Kingdom- FRIDAY 10/26 @ 1 pm.
    Crystal Palace Menu

    Signup Link

    Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom- SATURDAY 10/27 @ 2pm ~ In the event that Disney alters the park hours and/or event offerings, this reservation is subject to change.
    Yak & Yeti Menu

    Signup Link

    50’s Primetime Cafe at Hollywood Studios - SUNDAY 10/28 @ 2:45pm ~ In the event that Disney alters the park hours and/or event offerings, this reservation is subject to change.
    Primetime Cafe Menu

    Signup Link
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    The Schedule:

    10/24/2018 - PRE-MEET EVENTS

    4:15PM - Homecomin’ - Meet at Disney Springs for dinner (Reservation Only)

    7:30PM - Yehaa Bob Jackson - Meet at the River Roost Lounge, Port Orleans Riverside. Show runs 8:30pm-11:45pm.

    10/25/2018 - EPCOT

    10:30AM - Starbucks Caffeine Fill - Meet outside Starbucks to grab some much needed caffeine before moving to the World Showcase.

    11:00AM – World Showcase Photo/Food & Wine Grazing Walk - Meet at the steps of the Mayan Temple for a leisurely stroll clockwise through the World Showcase. Grab a FP+ for Frozen with 12:00pm in the window if you can.

    3:30PM – Future World West - Meet near the squawking Gulls outside the Seas with Nemo and Friends followed by a boat ride on Living with the Land (if time allows). We will end with Dr. Channing on Journey into Imagination with Figment and a visit to the former ImageWorks courtesy of our DVC friends.

    6:00PM – EPCOT Blue Hour - Begin at the Canada stage for a Sunset and Blue Hour shoot of World Showcase. Join us for a trip through Canada, Great Britain, France and Morocco. Sunset is 6:50pm.

    8:00PM – Illuminations - Grab a spot to shoot Illuminations one last time. Meet location TBD.

    10/26/2018 - MAGIC KINGDOM

    10:45AM – Tomorrowland Photo Walk - Meet at the entrance to Tomorrowland to see Monsters Inc., Buzz Lightyear Spaceranger Spin, Peoplemover and Carousel of Progress. Grab a FP+ for Buzz Lightyear with 11:30am in the window.

    3:00PM – Haunted Mansion - A must ride at Halloween time. Try out your dark ride skills on perhaps the most challenging of dark ride of them all.

    6:00PM – Sunset/Blue Hour - Meet at the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade to grab some awesome blue hour photos in the old West. Sunset is 6:49pm.

    7:30PM – Boo to You Parade - Meet in the hub, on the right side when facing Cinderella Castle. Parade begins at 9:15pm.

    9:30PM – Hallowishes - Right after the parade ends, grab a spot in the Hub for this Hauntingly Spectacular fireworks display. Show starts at 10:15pm.

    11:55PM – Hocus Pocus Focus - Meet at the Castle Stage for the last Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular of the evening.

    10/27/2018 - ANIMAL KINGDOM

    10:30AM – Festival of the Lion King - Meet just over the bridge into Africa to see the 11:00am show. Grab a FP+ for the 11:00am show.

    12:00PM – Trail Exploration - Meet at the entrance to the Gorilla Falls Trail followed by the Maharajah Jungle Trek to find out about fruit bats and gorillas (among many other animals).

    4:00PM – Tree of Life Trails - Meet outside of Starbucks to shoot some of the animals that make up the Tree of Life. Can you find all 325?

    6:00PM – Sunset / Blue Hour Pandora - Meet outside Satu’li Canteen to shoot this amazing new land. Sunset is 6:48pm.

    Not So Insomnia Meet - The Kingdom is only open until 10:00pm tonight. Anyone up for a quick trip for some nighttime photos?

    Alternate Insomnia Meet - Swing by Scat Cats at Port Orleans French Quarter to hear our old friends Jason & Billy play some great music. Show runs 8:30pm - 11:00pm.

    10/28/2018 - HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS

    1:00PM - Citizens of Hollywood - Meet at the intersection of Hollywood & Sunset to look for some of Hollywood’s funniest citizens.

    6:00PM – Sunset / Blue Hour Toy Story Land - Meet at the Statue of Buzz Lightyear to make your way through Toy Story Land. Get a Slinky Dog FP+ with 7:30pm in the window. Sunset is 6:47pm.

    7:30PM – Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular! - Meet in front of the Chinese Theater to grab a spot to photograph this nighttime spectacular. Show starts at 8:30pm
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    Is everyone making reservations at this time? What is scheduled for Wednesday the 24th? I’m probably coming in that day
  10. mSummers

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    The planning board has made a couple of large reservations for each of the ADR's listed. The spaces will be available first come, first served around via Signup threads much closer to the event.

    We're working on the schedule now but aren't ready to release anything at this time. I can say there will be no activities in the parks on Wednesday. There will likely be an event at a hotel that evening after dinner.
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    Will anyone be meeting later on the 24th for dinner then 430pm? I’m coming in that day, 430 might be cutting it close
  12. RedOctober25

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    Show up late if you must... but regarding getting together after dinner, we will be headed up to the Port to see Yehaa Bob for the evening. So at a minimum you can meet us there. Times will be listed once the “official” times are posted.

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    More newbie questions:). Will we be going to more then one park a day? If I need to get tickets with park hopper, plus I’m trying to decide whether to buy an AP now or wait till my February trip to buy an AP(I plan on February 2019, May 2019, December 2019 and February 2020) Thank you
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    Based on current park hours, no. However, that's subject to change. Disney doesn't announce the "final" park hours until about a month out so we can't answer that question with any certainty until September.

    The other unknown is Toy Story Land. Because that hasn't opened yet, we don't have historical data on park hours to compare with in a effort to predict what the actual park hours will be. Because of that we have to wait until after the final park hours are announced to finalize the schedule.

    Sorry we can't give a more definite answer at this time.
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    Thank you. I wanted to get a park hopper if I needed to, if we will be going to more then one park a day? Last years Pixelmania looked like it was just one park a day?
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    We try to stick to one park per day for official events.
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    some of us occasionally wing it with unsanctioned insomnia photo runs, usually to magic kingdom for some kind of uncrowded main street stuff.
  18. Nancy K

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    Thank you everyone. I bought an AP.
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  19. Good job!
  20. Nancy K

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    More Newbie Questions :):) Sorry this was probably mentioned, but wondering when the iteniery will be posted? I’m thinking about making some breakfast ADR. Thank you

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