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  1. Pixelmania is happening Wednesday OCTOBER 20th to Sunday Oct. 24th 2021
    Please post your plans when you know them in the comments below. :)
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  2. Well the ~INITIAL~ news is not good for a Magic Kingdom Halloween party.

    TLDR: Disney is taking the cheap way out and not staging Mickey's not so scary Halloween party this year. They're doing an "after hours" event that starts at 9:00 p.m. and has no fireworks, no Hocus Pocus stage show, and no character meets, just distant character viewings.

    They are providing some sort of treats but it's probably left over sugar cookies from the Christmas party in 2018.

    I do not expect this to change and they decide to reverse this decision and put on a full Halloween party like we have previously experienced.

    I am more than a little disappointed at Disney's lack of effort while still having the nerve to provide some inferior cash grab event that will definitely not be worth it unless you just want to ride the rides with low crowds.

    I definitely think this is the future of what we can expect from Disney World. They will be stripping offerings and increasing prices to obscene levels. This piece of crap they're trying to foist on the public for Halloween is further proof of that attitude towards their guests.

    You can read more about the dirty details here: https://www.disneytouristblog.com/n...bash-halloween-party-coming-to-magic-kingdom/

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  5. I plan on coming down Saturday. October 16th 2021 to Sunday check out Oct.31th 2021 and staying off site at the Hawthorne Suites Lake Buena Vista hotel. I'll be driving down so I'll have my car. I was able to move my hotel reservation to the following year so that's why I know what I'm doing.

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  6. zackiedawg

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    Ouch! Covid is messing with my 2021 Pixelmania now! (I was anticipating Christmas for 2021 since 2020 was Halloween). Have to see how it works out for October next year - with essentially no trips since February 2020 it could be a full year without Disney, and I'll have lots of DVC points leftover this year, and cruising is the one thing generally worse-off than Disney World as far as Pandemic-mania fears...maybe by next October they won't be requiring masks. :)
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  7. Nancy AK

    Nancy AK Member

    I will be there, most likely at Pop Century. The Reservations for that month hasn’t opened yet, but I’m thinking probably October 18-27, 19-28, 20-29.
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  8. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    Tentative scheduling says I’ll arrive some time between the 14th to 18th and stay thru until the 28th. I plan on booking a cash reservation once they open up (was told to check in September) and then hopefully book at a dvc resort at the 11 month window in November.

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  9. gary

    gary Member

    i will be there, probably at beach club, as soon as the booking window opens
  10. Nancy AK

    Nancy AK Member

    I was also told to check back in September for October 2021 window to open.
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  11. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    I’ll be there. Dates TBD.
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  12. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    FYI... resort bookings just opened up for PixelMania! I’m having my TA book it later today (and then try for DVC next month when the 11 month window opens).

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  13. Nancy AK

    Nancy AK Member

    Thank you I’m going contact my TA

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  14. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    aaaaand... I’m booked at Plop from the 18th to 29th. Will be canceling that if I can book DVC next month (and able to do so with less than the 50% borrowed as currently allowed).

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  15. As of March 3rd the park reservation system is still in effect but park hoping (If you have a hopper) is allowed after 2pm. Here's what Disney has to say as of March 3rd. Keep your ears open because Disney can and probably will change these rules as the parks increase guest capacity.

    As the phased reopening of Walt Disney World Resort continues, another exciting milestone is here: the return of the Park Hopper option!
    How It Works
    Guests who purchased a ticket or annual pass with the Park Hopper benefits will be able to visit more than one park per day, with some new modifications as part of our ongoing focus on health and safety. These modifications are designed to help us continue managing attendance in a way that fosters physical distancing.

    • We will set specific Park Hopper hours during which this option are available. Park Hopper hours will start at 2 PM each day and end at the park’s scheduled close time. Guests are now able to check the https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/calendars/ and the My Disney Experience app for the most up-to-date Park Hopper hours, as they could start earlier at a later date, depending on the day and park.
    • With the updated Park Hopper experience, Guests must make a Disney Park Pass reservation for the first park they plan to visit AND enter that first park prior to visiting another. At this time, a park reservation is not required after the first park, however, reservation requirements are subject to change.
    • Reservations for dining experiences, Droid Depot, Savi's Workshop and other pre-booked experiences do not guarantee access to a park, and Park Hopper availability may change daily. We recommend Guests book in-park dining and other experiences at the park where they have a Disney Park Pass reservation. Guests can make dining reservations or add their party to the walk-up list at select table-service restaurants via the My Disney Experience app after they enter the second park, subject to availability.
    Please note that the ability to visit another park will be subject to the park’s capacity limitations. In the event that the Park Hopper option is unavailable at a theme park, Guests will be notified in real time via a push notification from the My Disney Experience app.

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  16. Nancy AK

    Nancy AK Member

    I’m hoping Disney will come to their senses and lift this Park Reservation BS before Pixelmania 2021.
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  17. Nancy AK

    Nancy AK Member

    6A4EA631-F42C-42B4-9616-1FC552AD448E.jpeg I’m at Pop Century October 19-26, 2021. I might do a day or 2 before at Universal
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  18. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    One of my coworkers just cancelled his trip in November and re-booked for March. The CM he talked to said they’re selling park hopper passes for stays in 2021 in the hopes that that park hopping returns but will refund the hopper fee if they haven’t reinstated it by your stay.

    If they had no intention to allow park hopping at some point in 2021, they wouldn’t be selling those passes.
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  19. Nancy AK

    Nancy AK Member

    Are these park hopper passes going to be a separate priced ticket(ie money grab)?
  20. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    I haven’t looked it up myself, but based on what my coworker was saying, it sounds like the traditional park hopper passes are being sold again. Based on that, I’m assuming AP’s will be allowed to park hop too once that practice is reinstated.
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