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Discussion in 'The Magical Definition Podcast' started by Tim, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Tim

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    After 25 shows, you folks should have a good taste of what the show is about. If you have any opinions, good or bad (you're not going to hurt my feelings, trust me), please share them here. Comments, criticism, suggestions all welcome. If you don't feel comfortable posting something here, please feel free to send me a PM. Remember, this show is for the listener so if you think we can better serve the listeners with some re-tooling or if you think the show is a-ok the way it is, please let me know.

    One cannot improve without a stick with which to measure oneself. (DUDE! I should be a quote writer!)
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  2. gary

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    sometimes one cannot improve without said stick applied to one's backside

    my contribution to the quote library
  3. biblioadonis

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    I've been listening to the past 4 months or so. The only one I didn't even download was the Pirates episode.

    I like Jim Hill, but I think his segment is a little long and the sound quality for him is pretty bad.

    I would love more original content from you guys; regular, small segments. Of course, something related to photography or shooting at the parks. I know that it is a difficult subject to talk about, but you could refer to shots in the show notes. What about traveling with camera equipment, backing up or using an online service while on property? Traveling with small children, photographing kids and family. Maybe a picture spot of the week. Definitely something travel related every week.

    Jackie O can relate to such a different demographic than the traditional Disney GeeksDisney Geek that listens to the show. She should do something related to partying at WDW or visiting with friends. If she is more of a local, then she should do a regular restaurant or hotel review. Or even shopping on vacation!

    I enjoy Nathan's interviews. Usually they are with people that you don't hear on other podcasts. I would like to see them a little shorter and maybe broken over two shows.

    So, my biggest thought? O.C.

    Original Content.

    And keep picking on Nathan. That adds SO much to the show...seriously!
  4. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    thanks biblio. we are going to try something new this week so we'll see how it goes.
    anyone else?
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