POTD - Crazy Kid Shots at Disney

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    Explanation: ; We were at Disney over the weekend and ate at Whispering Canyon Cafe on Saturday night. Lauren was in what I wish I could call 'rare form' but these days it's not all that rare. (Her big sister has Diabetes- that equals attention - I get it- but whew!) ; Anyway- In case you havn't been there Whispering Canyon is one of those Disney Eats where the servers have 'fun' with the patrons. ; We have not been there in years and the girls never have and were not expecting anything. SO Ms.L (Attitude!) would not even look at me she was so mad- won't even talk is steaming mad. ; We get to our table and the server takes our drink order- except Lauren who is sitting- lip out- arms crossed- glaring. The server asks her once what she wants to drink- no response. ; The server raises one eyebrow and says "I'm counting to three- tell me what you want or you get lemonade- 1...2...3" and away he goes without another word- she got lemonade. Here eyes were as big as saucers and the attitude vanished to be replaced with a look of 'Can he really do that?!' wonder. (Not very well captured in pictures BTW as I fumbled around with the new camera.) but trust me she had a great time and was very helpful in telling the server her choices between Fruit & Veggies- and Cinnamon Apples & Cookies (he let her know in advance it would be veggies and cinn apples if she didn't speak up.) ; Just one of those magical Disney moments you can't put a price tag on. (Like the commercial- BBQ Dinner for 4: $120 Disney Magic: Priceless)
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    Great story Jeff. ; Similar situations abound for me, older kid has the "attention" for his condition(s), except that in return little sister latches on me to prevent me from giving attention to her brother. ; She truly is daddy's girl.

    If they don't behave, I could always put them in Toontown Jail:

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    That Canyon is one of the truly magical places to eat, especially for kids. ; I remember the last time we were at WDW, we ate there twice. ; The first time, a couple on their honeymoon made the "mistake" of wearing their bride and groom Mickey ears to dinner... ; Their server made them dance while the entire restaurant sang "Going to the Chapel"

    The second time, there was a little kid throwing a fit and tossing his silverware on the floor. ; His server responded by bringing out a set of giant (4ft tall) utensils so that he wouldn't have such a hard time "holding on to them." ; That of course immediately changed the child's attitude. ; He spent the rest of the evening handing out the giant silverware to anyone who dropped one of theirs.
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    Cute pic Roger.
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    Cooling off from the July heat

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    The boys chilling with their new disney gear in Downtown Disney at Disneyland. ; Word!!

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    The shirt even tells the story[nb]"It's hard work being COOL".[/nb]

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  9. I don't know how Prince Charming keeps his jacket clean when they give 2 year olds chocolate ice cream!

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    I found this gem looking back at my 2007 pictures, it is amazing how they grow. (Also had fun looking at the stuff that still exists going back so many years here)

    [​IMG]Arrrrrr by John Wolff, on Flickr

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