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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by weemcp, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    ok - so when we were in disney, we ate at the following restaurants

    Narcoosee's, Tony's, california grill (won't go back), coral reef (loved it!), le bistro, sci-fi diner, planet hollywood, luau, crystal palace, rainforest cafe

    We are definitely having breakfast at crystal palace; lunch at tony's and rainforest cafe; and dinner at coral reef.

    WE would like to try some other restaurants though - so lets here it - what are your favs?
  2. CameraGirl

    CameraGirl Member

    Trail's End is a very good restaurant. ; That is at the Fort Wilderness Campground, but well worth the buffet. ; Last year we had reservations at the Cape May Buffet which came highly recommended, but didn't get to go:( ; But my favorite so far is probably 50's Prime time. ; Not so much for the food, but I do love the smores and the PB&J milkshake, but for the fun atmosphere. ; It is always good for a chuckle.

    Sean and I really enjoyed T-Rex the last time we went too. ; Good atmosphere and the food wasn't too bad either. ; But it is loud so it certainly isn't a quiet place to eat.
  3. scratch

    scratch Member

    Prime Time Cafe!

    PBJ Shakes!
    Pot Roast or Fried Chicken!
  4. Kesali

    Kesali Member

    We LOVED the food and atmosphere at Boma!! ;

    I heard a lot of "complaints" about the Garden Grill, but we were very happy with it! ; I only choose it because of Chip & Dale, but it was very good.

    And O'hanas (dinner) - I would go back there in a heartbeat, without my kids! ; :D ; LOL. ; Honestly, my husband & I loved the food. ; It was all so tasty. ; But our kids are very picky eaters and hardly ate anything. ; And for some reason they did not enjoy the kids activities. ; I can understand my 11 year old not joining in, but I was surprised at our 6 year old.

    When we go back, these are TS places we will eat at again!
  5. stitchaholic

    stitchaholic Member

    BOMA is fantastic, WCC is great also, alot of fun, cape may is a wonderful breakfast the best of the character breakfasts in my opinion, and we loved the clambake buffet, my kids loved the buckets of crab legs and ribs !
    LeCellier is another good meal, but I am not sure it's worth 2 DC.
    oh, the best CS option in the WORLD is WPE in DTD, I have to go several times per trip
  6. deblen4

    deblen4 Member

    We just returned from Disney and always try a few new places each visit. ; We now love O'Hana's, Teppan Edo is also fun. ; We ate at Sanaa for the first time, at Kidani village and my husband said it was the best fish he has ever had. ; I loved their dessert trio's - 3 small servings of different desserts and the bread service appetizer was also excellent. ;
    I love Boma, but seem to be the only person in my family who does. ; Le Cellier has always been a favourite, but as already stated, I'm not sure I'd use 2 dinner credits for that if on the ddp.
    We also tried Kouzzina on the Boardwalk and everyone enjoyed their meal there. ;
    We cancelled a reservation at the Wave, so it's still on my list for the next trip.
  7. mini-canadian

    mini-canadian Member

    My favourites would be:

    Chefs de France
    Kona Cafe
    Brown Derby

  8. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    Our favorites change regularly but currently are:

    Le celier again it was off our list for a while but aver our last trip back on
    Tangerine cafe
  9. wbtc

    wbtc Member


    Wolfgang Puck
    Le Cellier
    Cape May Cafe
    Beaches & Cream

    Next Trip, March 2012 Grand Floridian for the first time!
  10. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    oooh, we stayed at Grand Flo for our honeymoon in march/2006 - we loved it!

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