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    At least within the article it stated that this was in concept form for some time now. I think (in my opinion) their hand was forced to release this statement earlier than they planned to. And in doing so, makes it look like they are appeasing they PC culture (which they’d technically be doing anyway with such a change).

    For me, I have never ridden the ride (vehicle too uncomfortable) so other than the history of the ride I don’t have a horse in that race. I also look at it this way... people seem to have gotten over (mostly) the Maelstrom/Frozen change and they’ll eventually get over this (or at least not be as outraged as many are now).

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    no, not everyone will get over this, i for one will never forgive or forget this, song of the south was ahead of its time, yes uncle remus spoke in southern ethnic vernacular, but if you take the time to really listen and watch the movie, and if you know any of the history of the times, he was presented as a wise and kindly man, teaching important life rules to children, not to mention the animatronics are just plain cool, and please please leave the riverboat, change the characters if you must, but leave the basics of the scene
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