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    Wow, a forum I can join without having to worry about posting dining information on and all about photographing Disney theme parks. I am so here! And at Mousefest where I hope to meet Tim at some point.

    I've been a photo hobbiest for years. I got boxes of prints at home my wife keeps threatening to throw out. Gee, I promise someday I'll organize them, honest! Then digital came along and hey, look, it's all organized on my laptop and I put the good stuff on my SmugMug site.

    Here's my current Best of WDW gallery:

    All of these were done with a Nikon Coolpix 995 which has since been dropped. Sad, but when that happened, digital SLRs had finally dropped in price and I could still use some of my older Nikon SLR lens. So enter the Nikon D70 which will soon see it's first trip to WDW next week for Mousefest. So, if you see me, smile!
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    hey scott... i've been to your site before and use it from time to time. welcome to this site, and see you at MF!
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