September 16 thru 30, 2 weeks at WDW

Discussion in 'Trip Reports & Member Reviews' started by rhinohunter, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. rhinohunter

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    Just finished putting together the camera equipment for our trip. ; (Leaving in 11 days.) ; The camera equipment will be a new Nikon D5100 (picked up 2 weeks ago) with the regular lenses 18-55 and 55-200. ; This replaces a Nikon D40. ; I didn't want to carry all of that around everyday so I have rented a lens from KCR. ; This is the newly released Nikon 18-300. ; I also have a Pentax WG-2 adventure proof P&S camera for rainy days and water parks/pools. ; I have spare batteries for both and several class 10 SD cards 8, 16 & 32. ; I also signed up for the Photopass Plus CD so I can be in some of the pix. ; We have tickets for MNSSHP on the 21st and I am scheduled for the Wild Africa Trek (I believe on the 27th.) ; The long lens should prove to be quite useful for the AK days. ; I also have a 6 foot carbon fiber tripod for the night shots. ; I believe that I have my bases covered.
  2. mSummers

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    I'm impressed. ; Usually I'm cleaning and packing the gear the night before a trip. ;

    Don't forget to pack the battery chargers and remote cables. ; Those are the two things I seem to leave behind most often and part of the reason I started writing detailed packing lists for trips a couple of years ago.
  3. rhinohunter

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    I have that covered in the packing list as well. ; I also have the wireless remote control for the camera. ; Haven't tested that one yet but if I read it right, there is a remote receiver on both the front and back of the camera. ; Each of us traveling has our own power strip with all of the chargers plugged in. ; Oh well, not quite everything. ; The number of power eaters keep growing. ; You know phone, tablet, computer, bluetooth, cameras 1-3,etc. ; Then there is my wife and a list very similar. ; We learned long ago that the best way to travel is with a power strip for each of us. ; No matter where you stay there never are enough outlets.
  4. ELinder

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    Yeah, the weight of all the camera gear, electronic gear, chargers, cables, etc. is getting ridiculous. On my last trip to Europe I even took a small wireless router. The clothes are just used to fill in the gaps in the bag and cushion all that stuff.

  5. zackiedawg

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    All I can say is thank god I'm close enough to Disney to drive up, so I don't have to go through the pain of packing. ; I just toss everything in my car and go.

    Of course, that doesn't help me when I travel and DO have to fly (like Canada last year) - but at least for Disney, I can bring all the camera gear I want without worry.
  6. rhinohunter

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    I have just finished renting two lenses from Kingdon Camera Rentals. ; They will be delivering to my resort on the 17th and picking them up on the 30th. ; I chose the Nikon 18-300 and a Nikon 10.5 along with a Lowenpro bag. ; I will also have the other two lenses that came with my first DSLR an 18-55 and a 55-200. ; Don't think they will get much use after we get to the resort. ; The two rental lenses will give me the ultimate in choices for use in the parks. ; That will be especially useful on the Wild Africa Trek. ; I will only be able to take the long lens on that one. ;

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