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Discussion in 'Disneyland Resort (California)' started by RocketTom, Feb 5, 2011.

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    So I was goofing around last night (pun intended) trying to wrap my brain around some HDR techniques, and did these two.

    First is the rocket in the Tomorrowland area. That large sphere moves around on a blanket of water, and kids and adults alike will come over to try and change the rotation. 6 image shot, taken over 20 minutes (because folks kept coming over and got in the way...) More of a surrealistic way of looking at things. The "clouds" are actually the smoke from the just-finished fireworks show. (There was almost no wind, pretty much ruined any chance of getting fireworks without being obliterated by smoke...)


    This one is a 6-shot HDR at the Edelweiss food place. That's my wife, patiently waiting for me on the fence, not knowing she was in the shot. The white streak in the upper left is Big Red (monorail) going by. I tried to make this one look more like a "real" picture...


    It's a good place to just have fun and try stuff out. (What I call a 'target rich environment'...)
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  2. Chris B

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    Love the Tomorrowland HDR. ; Thanks for sharing!
  3. Craig

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    i love the tomorrowland one too!
  4. jbwolffiv

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    I agree, really like the Tomorrowland one!
  5. RocketTom

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    You know what? The Edleweiss shot was a straight shot, pulled and pushed a RAW image about as much as I could. The HDR one is here:

    This is a lot closer to how I remembered it.
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