Sony A7 III Display Issue?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by ExploringWDW, May 6, 2018.

  1. ExploringWDW

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    So here's an odd one. I am quite sure I was, up until yesterday, able to see the display on my A7 III while wearing my polarized sunglasses without issue. I wear my sunglasses most of the time when outside so I can't imagine I just didnt notice this up until yesterday afternoon. Rotating the camera to portrait orientation makes the display visible again. We just got home this afternoon and I compared it to my A7 II and the screen is perfectly visible with my sunglasses on in landscape orientation, and when rotated to portrait mode it is only slightly darker.

    I can't imagine that there is an option for this that I messed up, nor can I imagine its even possible to change polarization angle in software. I also can't imagine that something in the display could fail with this result.

    Note that the EVF is perfectly visible on both cameras in any orientation with my polarized sunglasses.

    Google has not proven useful. Anyone got any thoughts?

    I'll be checking my local shop to see if they have another copy to make a comparison.
  2. gary

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    i would certainly check it against another body, i have never had anything like this. just go into menu and make sure display is on monitor, then check viewfinder, then auto to see if all 3 options do indeed work.

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