T-Rex Interior Photos

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by Sonny Eclipse (Colin C), Oct 14, 2008.

  1. scratch

    scratch Member

    Thanks for Posting!

    Looks Awesome!
  2. Very cool looking. Sort of reminds me of what Rainforest looked like. I still am not sold on the idea for a restaurant.
  3. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    Not a big dinosaur fan, ; but I'll take a look next time I'm near exit 67.

    Looks like the table has water underneath the glass. Not sure though.
  4. mini-canadian

    mini-canadian Member

    The ice cave looks very cool! ; ; I look forward to checking it out!
  5. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    It does look very much like the Rainforest Cafe I hope the food here is better I haven't been too impressed the last few time we ate at a Rainforest Cafe.
  6. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    We rarely eat at the Rain Forest Cafe when in FLA as there is one in Toronto at Yorkdale we've been to a couple of time.

  7. We have eaten at Rainforest @ WDW but not since one opened in Toronto. I find the food is not that good and for the most part the service is even worse.

    I may give T-Rex 1 try. The concept looks cool.
  8. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    Is this worth it?
  9. realfam

    realfam Member

    I don't think so. ; We walk in, look around the store and thats good enough for our kids
  10. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    Oh neat I didnt know you could walk around in it.

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