TotWL Wicked Wind-down (12/6 or 12/13)… if availability opens

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    Just checking to see if there was any other interest in partaking in the Wicked Wind-down on either the 6th or 13th of December. Currently they are booked full, but told me to keep checking back as they still require a 2-day cancellation period. The other option is to do Walk-Up (if room available… cash bar), but that nearly requires us to show up to the lounge by 6pm… and if staying for 10pm party fireworks it’s a long time.

    Here are the basics…

    Wicked Wind-down
    @ Top of the World Lounge (Bay Lake Tower)
    Cost: $59
    Includes l: 1 drink, 1 appetizer and 1 dessert AND a RESERVED seat/table for the remainder of the evening.

    So at this point I am just needing to know how many Maniacs would want to join Dennis and I at the Top of the World if availability opens up for either day (keep in mind it may be at a day’s notice). Also include if you’d be willing to do the walk-up checkin as well… there is no requirement for staying for fireworks if you just wanted to have a drink/appetizer with good company for an hour or so.

    Currently Interested/Going…
    1) RedOctober
    2) DDindy

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  2. gary

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    i might be interested in 12/6, but 12/13 would be a little hard from back home in ny
  3. I was literally just thinking about this in the car ride over to the dentist. Something was banging around in the back of my mind about what you were saying about this meet up.

    So I am definitely interested in Dec 6th since I will be at Magic Kingdom that day.

    If that doesn't work out maybe we could do a monorail loop crawl and find a place to get a beverage and perhaps a snack.

    Red, I'll have my car so I can drive you back to Animal Kingdom Lodge after that. Same for Dennis If he doesn't have a car but I'm only dropping him off at the animal Kingdom and he can walk to wherever he's staying :D

    I can't do it on the 13th because I'll be at the party that day.

    Sorry for the late reply. I had to shoot a regatta on Sunday in addition to getting all the decorations up for Christmas and cook all the Thanksgiving dinner items myself so I've been busier than a one-armed one leg paper hanger.
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    We might be interested in the 6th. We fly in on th3 6th, before noon and going to Magic Kingdom.

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