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    My wife got a FAM out of Universal Orlando and we'll be there this week for three days & two nights starting on Wednesday (5/19). Haven't been to UO in years so should be fun. The Hagrid ride looks good. Will just miss the new VelociCoaster opening by a couple of weeks. Maybe they will be doing a soft opening..hmmmm.

    Then we'll be moving over to WDW until next Tuesday hitting all four parks to experience what has changed since our visit last September.

    As we are both vaccinated and will enjoy getting photos of each other without a mask. Merrie needs more for her newly created SM accounts.

    I'll finally have new photos to share!!!
  2. zackiedawg

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    You'll beat me there (Disney that is) - as soon as the outdoor mask mandate lifted, I tried to book - but DVC wasn't available for any 4-night-consecutive weekend until July, so that will be my first time back since March 2020 just before they closed. I wish more had changed in the Disney parks - personally I think Disney should have tried to take advantage of the parks being closed to vigilantly test workers and have them continue to work on all the park updates during the closure and in the months after reopening when visitor attendance was way down...seems they could have had almost everything finished in time for the 50th - but now almost nothing will be done in time...and some of the projects likely have died permanently. I'll still enjoy being back, finally, but I really had hopes by this time of year to have seen Tron completed, Space restaurant completed, Remy completed, and the Future World rehab if not complete, at least much further along.
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    Have fun. Plan on riding the Hagrid coaster multiple times in order to see all of the details. And you need to ride both the bike and the sidecar!
    I may be wrong but I think VelociCoaster is open for AP holder previews only at this time. If you have an AP you should have received an email. I deleted mine because it will be open in October when I get there.
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  4. Scottwdw

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    Agree with you on Disney stopping all updates when they had totally empty parks. And, for the life of me, I don't know why they didn't USE FastPass to keep attraction lines from getting crazy with the 6 foot lines.
  5. Scottwdw

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    I don't have a UO AP. Have not been since HP opened. With Merrie's FAM, we get tickets for both parks and Volcano Bay. Will inquire if it is good for an AP preview ride. Hopefully, I'll have time to ride Hagrid's a few times. I have to run her SM accounts to fulfill her end of the deal.
  6. ddindy

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    It looks like the VelociCoaster previews for AP holders ended on May 5. Maybe they'll be doing TA previews this week. ;)

    I hear that the new Bourne attraction (that replaced Terminator) is pretty good, too.
  7. Scottwdw

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    I'll be heading over there tomorrow (we spent the afternoon at Volcano Bay today). I'll be sure to see what's up with both of those attractions.

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