Water...taken at Universal FL

Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Photos' started by ColleenMarie, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Very cool...Where are you standing?
  3. ColleenMarie

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    In the kiddie area near Jurassic Park.

    I zoomed in on one of the water falls.

    Here is a full shot of the falls...


    Here is my son behind one...

  4. prettypixie

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    I really need to get back there...I haven't been since I was extremely young!
  5. ColleenMarie

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    My family only travels to FL as often as they do with me because I break up my Disney with some Universal and Sea World for them. The best part is that we tend to do Uni early in the week and by the time we get to Disney my family is actually really ready to be there. Uni has great theming and great rides but it will never have the Magic that Disney offers.

    Hubby and I haven't been to Sea World together since 2000. That park is on the list with Disney for our next trip down (hoping to get back by May 2009.)
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    When is Hogwarts opening? 2010? They got a lot of former Imagineer talent for this one.

    As for Sea World, it's hard to compare even Orlando with the original.
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    I've been to Sea World Orlando and San Diego recently, it's hubby who's due another trip. He and I did Discovery Cove it's inaugural season, I'd love to be able to do that again PLUS the price of DC includes unlimited access to SW that same week. Hubby and I like animal parks, we're even members of the local zoo. We're even in the minority of folks who actually liked AK before EE was there.

    As far as Uni, I am dyin to see the new Simpsons ride but figured I'd tie that and the new HP addition in a trip down next fall. I've already gotten a HUGe thumbs up from our friend who recently rode the new Simpson's ride. We'll shoot for October so we can do Uni's Halloween Horror Nights while there.
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    ColleenMarie If your looking forward to the simpsons be prepared to feel like you went on star wars and body wars X 100. It was the roughest ride i ever rode.
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    Actually, I've sort of ridden it already.

    I rode it when it was Back to the Future.

    The ride vehicle and movements sound very similar to the old ride only, twisted, Simpson style.

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