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    Welcome to DisneyMagic Ginger. ; If you have a few minutes and would like the rest of the group to get to know you, here are a few questions to start.

    1. What's your first name?
    2. Do you have a nickname?
    3. What Province do you live in?
    4. How did you find the DisneyMagic.ca forums?
    5. Age (or age range)?
    6. Marital status?
    7. Occupation?
    8. Favorite food?
    9. What vehicle do you have?
    10. Which WDW park is your favorite?
    11. Who is your favorite character in a WDW attraction?
    12. How often do you take a trip to WDW?
    13. Explain your user name/how you came up with it.
    14. How long have you been a Disney addict?

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