What fairytale? Cleric blasts Disney for corrupting kids' minds

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    If you thought the magical world of Walt Disney was all about happy endings, dreams coming true and good winning over evil – well think again!

    It turns out those fair princesses and forest creatures singing in three-part harmony are little more than the animated cover for an underlying message of soul-sucking consumerism and immoral materialism.

    Or at least, that’s according to one angry British Catholic cleric who makes the blistering claims in a new book that all but compares Mickey Mouse to the Antichrist.

    Abbot Christopher Jamison accuses the Walt Disney Co. of “exploiting spirituality” to sell merchandise and of casting its theme parks as modern day places of pilgrimage, The Daily Telegraph reported.

    "The message behind every movie and book, behind every theme park and T-shirt is that our children's world needs Disney … and thousands of families around the world buy into this deeper message as they flock to Disneyland," he said.

    In Jamison’s view, Disney is putting a price tag on happiness and people can’t seem to get to the cash registers fast enough.

    "Where once morality and meaning were available as part of our free cultural inheritance, now corporations sell them to us as products," he said.

    Jamison’s book, “Finding Happiness,” focuses on monastic teachings and offers tips for living a simpler, more serene life. It was released in the U.K. this week by Liturgical Press and will be available in the United States in January.

    Jamison is a well-known figure in Britain. He starred in the BBC series “The Monastery” and is in the running to serve as the next Archbishop of Westminster.

    Disney is not the sole scourge of modern civilization, according to Jamison. He also comes down hard on the current media obsession with celebrity, which he says sparks jealousy among the masses.

    "Envy tells us to stop facing the challenges of the present life and to live in some future fantasy. Such envy drives a large part of our consumer culture," he said.

    But really, isn't Jamison is selling happiness too? His version is just a bit cheaper, listed at $13.57 plus shipping on Amazon.com.

    http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainmen ... _for_.html
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    Ok, I SO wanna read this book. ; ;D

    On a side note, it's a real shame that due to the popularity of Disney's "Happily Ever After" movies, children no longer learn the lesson found in original fairytales.

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