What types of restaurants are there that are modestly priced?

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  1. firelily99

    firelily99 Member

    Are there any restaurants that are modestly priced and have excellent service. Where do you go if you want to eat out with your kids?
  2. ExploringWDW

    ExploringWDW Member

    Was about to reply when I noticed this is in the "offsite" section. Are you asking specifically about offsite restaurants? If so, I'll be of little help...
  3. DDavies

    DDavies Member

    Your best bet would be to ask people local to the area. It probably wouldn't be the first time they've heard the question. They will be more familiar with what options are available and can give you directions.
  4. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    If you have a car, you can head out to the 192 via Sherberth Road near Animal Kingdom Lodge. There's Panera, Bahama Breeze, Joe's Crabshack, Cracker Barrel and Chuy's all within a short distance.
  5. ayesell

    ayesell Member

    All the normal chain eateries can be found off property
  6. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Member

    Oh that is good to know, I had the same question. Is it more expensive to eat onsite or offsite?
  7. ayesell

    ayesell Member

    If you are on a tight budget off property his cheaper. On property is by far much more convenient. Once you include the cost of fuel running around looking for off site places to eat there is not much of a savings.
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