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Discussion in 'The Digital Darkroom' started by gary, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. gary

    gary Member

    using brand new westinghouse 32" flat screen tv, vga cable right now until i can put dvi card into pc, everytime i start up i have to right click on desktop into display and reset to 16 bit to get desktop and windows to use all the screen
    question is, how can i make this my default? lower resolution, am i running out of available pixels before screen is full?
    thanks for any auggestions
  2. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Hmm. What video card are you using? If you are using an older one, it might not have the settings to be able to use the entire screen!

    I have a similar problem. VGA resolution is not widescreen so you won't be able to use all of the pixels on your display without distortion unless you have a new video card to be able to support it.
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  3. Dan

    Dan Member

    You said until you get a new card with DVI outputs.. the new card may fix it (okay that's not really an answer). I really would expect most current hardware to support the kind of resolutions a 32inch tv can support, but it sure sounds like your video card is just limited in some way. Or maybe you need new drivers? That's an overused suggestion that in my experience usually doesn't solve anything, but it's worth a shot if you're stuck.

    The thing is, you say how can you make that your default. When you change it it should stay that way. The fact that you have to keep doing it over makes me wonder. I have to think there's something wrong, but I don't have any easy answer as to what's going on.

    Oh, and about the 16 bit thing.. eh.. perhaps your current video card has too little memory to support 24 bit color at the full resolution of the tv? I use a card which is capable of far higher resolutions than my 1680x1050 screen can manage, or more to the point higher resolutions than I've ever seen in any screen anywhere, but older cards would likely have lower limits.
    Still such limits shouldn't mean you have to keep changing it to 16 bit on windows startup. Once you change it it should stay that way.
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  4. gary

    gary Member

    thanks for all the input, problem appears to be solved, put in msi rx 9550 card today, old card had 64mgb new card is 256, even has a little fan attached and is pci express so next motherboard update means not having to buy a new video card, that's the part they don't tell you when you go digital, the almost mandatory upgrade every 2 years just to keep a fast and smooth workflow, but i'm good to go now on monitor

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