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Discussion in 'The Digital Darkroom' started by lightslicer, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. lightslicer

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    I have the opportunity to sign up for a workshop with Rick Sammons- in Charleston SC- (Kinda pulling at me- since I lived there and have family still there and wouldnt have to pay for lodging- Any opinions- workshop experiences?

    Living where i live- I am limited to learning online-and with books- but I really would like something stretch me...


  2. ddindy

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    I'd jump at the chance to do a workshop with a big-name photographer like Rick Sammon. ; But for that kind of money, I'd probably opt for a week at WDW instead. :)
  3. lightslicer

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    I checked into it a little further-asked some more questions-got some of the locations- etc. They are doing several live model settings- something I am not interested in- I shoot buildings/landscapes/ not people.If you dont love what you are shooting-- :-\--Also having lived in Charleston for 25 plus years- I would be thinking of all the other places i might rather have my camera.....I think I want to do some more online training- and firm up my pixelmania arrangements- and see what some of our "big names here" might share with me for a lot less. Since now I got the NEX 6. Still reading my book and playing with it.

    Although reflecting on the price- the class is limited to 10 people- morning shoot- then back to the classroom and he works with you on processing- then back out to shoot again- probably looking at 15 hour days.... about 75 hours plus- works out to 20 an hour.. Will put it on my bucket list- ; I am going to watch to see what other workshops Mr Ellis puts out there- maybe something less intense....maybe a 2 or 3 day. Charleston is a photographers paradise.. ; :)

    Peg who is now into pixel mania planning mode..... :D
  4. Please give us a review if you go! ; Sounds like a lot of fun!

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