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    Looks like everyone has overloaded the system. Think I’m going to wait a couple of days before I try again. Are we going to try and get an ADR for our Studios day?

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  2. If you can Try to make a reservation for Oga's Canteen for 11:30 am on SATURDAY Dec. 7th. That is our DHS day. We have Scifi for lunch at 2:30 so a morning walk through SWGE seems to be coming together.

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  3. Keep trying to get through. It's taken me about 10 minutes before the reservations page finished loading. If you get the page that says "stay on the page" then definitely stay, you are in the system line waiting for reservation activation.

  4. Jeff Krause

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    Would that be Dec 6th? After several searches and all it could come up with was 10:45am or 10:40am. Seems to be a busy site right now.
  5. Saturday Dec 7th is our SWGE day
  6. Thursday at MK is MVMCP party.
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    I kept at it during many system breakdowns. I managed to get reservations for all three of my fall trips (including Pixelmania). Be patient.
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  8. Saturday Dec 7th is our DHS day we
    I had the date wrong, the correct date is SATURDAY DEC.7th at DHS.
  9. Nancy AK

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    Thank you. Are there group reservations for Sci Fi at 2:30 or do we each need to make our own for that time?
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    That was my question too Nancy - didn't know if everyone is to make their own, or if we're doing any group res.
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    We have a total of 18 spots for Sci-Fi at 2:30 (or close to it)... it’s just that we haven’t opened up the dining signup threads yet.

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  12. We have a number of reservations available for sci-fi but we're not ready to have people sign up yet. Normally we don't announce dining reservations until much closer to the event, but in light of the release, by Disney, of the Oga's cantina reservations, I thought it was important to A) let everyone know what the park of the day would be on Saturday December 7th and B) let people know that we had a dining reservation plan for that day at sci-fi, and also the time that we made the reservations for. This was to facilitate planning for people that might not be able to get into Star Wars Galaxy's Edge or even into the Cantina, since availability is highly limited in the Cantina.

    Keep in mind we still don't know how Disney is going to be handling access into Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, especially since the final ride will be open on the 5th of December.

    That's one of the primary reasons why we don't release our reservations or plans until much closer to the event. If Disney decides to change things up, we may need to change the park of the day and the dining reservations, and that is better handled with as few people involved as possible,to facilitate acquiring dining reservations for the group by a small handful of members on the planning board.

    We understand that gaining access to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will be a priority for many of us at Pixelmania and I wanted to get the word out that they finally opened up the reservation system for The Cantina to as many people as possible in the hopes that they could make their own reservations.

    Unfortunately, since availability was so limited, not that many people could get actual reservations. I did the best I could with trying to let people know and trying to get group reservations, but it wasn't happening as I would have liked.

    No one knew ahead of time when Disney would release the reservation system for the Cantina or any of the other activities at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge so this caught everyone by surprise.

    Again, we did the best that we could with trying to help as many people as we could, but it was exceedingly difficult. I was speaking to a Cast Member earlier today and she recommended that people call back and check for openings as a result of cancellations.

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  13. Nancy AK

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    Thanks Joanie
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  14. zackiedawg

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    Indeed - thanks for the try. I attempted for a reservation but nothing was available in that time window and day.
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  15. Nancy AK

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    Are there any plans to attend the Candlelight Processional?
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  16. Sherry and I are going to attend as she never has been to it.

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  17. We are NOT going to have Candlelight PACKAGE RESERVATIONS at the Biergarten restaurant. We just have a regular reservation set up for 3pm on Friday.

    If you want the reserved seating for the Candlelight Processional you should make your own reservation for that.

  18. Nancy AK

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    Is the Candlelight Processional worth attending? Especially with the dining package?
    Is anyone else planning on attending?
  19. Nancy AK

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    I think Disney fixed the issue or everyone gave up trying to make reservations. I just made my 1130 Reservations for Olga’s Canteen on December 7th
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