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    I was able to get a reservation at Oga's for six at 11:20 am. We'll add that to the ADR pool and start taking names at the same time as the other meals (probably in November).

    For scheduling purposes, here are the dining reservations that we already have. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE ADRs FOR THESE; we already have these ADRs.

    Wednesday, Dec. 4, 4:30 pm, The Edison in Disney Springs
    Thursday, Dec. 5, 12:55 pm, Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom
    Friday, Dec. 6, 3:00 pm, Biergarten in Epcot
    Saturday, Dec. 7, 11:30 am, Oga's Canteen in Batuu (limited availability)
    Saturday, Dec. 7, 2:30 pm, SciFi Dine-In in Hollywood Studios
    Sunday, Dec. 8, time TBD, Flame Tree, no ADRs required.

    Mark your calendar and wait patiently for us to start taking names to put on the ADRs that we have already obtained.
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  2. I was able to make a reservation for 4 at 10:45 so do you think we have everyone covered?

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    Well done! Who will be the first to drop a pin in Oga's?
  4. I think Whoopi Goldberg is going to be reading the narration on the day that we go and she's not as popular as the most popular of narrators. Because of that I think you have a chance, if you're willing, to wait in the ~standby~ line to get a seat.

    It would eat up a lot of time, at least an hour, to do that just for a seat.

    An alternative is just to stand in the back near that walkway behind the theater and listen to the narration.

    So it's not absolutely necessary to pay for the package unless you want a guaranteed seat. Even when you have a reservation, you're still going to have to get in line in advance, maybe about 30 minutes before the show or earlier, if you want a seat closer to the stage.

    So the only advantage to booking and paying the upcharge for the candlelight package is that you have a guaranteed seat. You can still just listen to the show in the back or try for an overflow seat by standing in line for over an hour.

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    Or having a relative of yours stand in line for over an hour while you enjoy a cool drink nearby, then walk over and join the line when they start letting it in.
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    Thanks Joanie. Don’t think I want to waste the time standing in line. It’s going be hard enough trying to fit everything in a 24 hour day
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