Okay let's shake things up a bit around here!

Discussion in 'Picture of the Day' started by hulagirl, Sep 8, 2010.

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    Oooh, liking the grasshopper.
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    Thanks Tim!
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    Well I'm going to throw a nice one in too...just to even things out. ; Everyone likes butterflies! ; Here's a ruddy daggerwing - they're common enough down here that we have a city park named 'Daggerwing':

    He's kind of dull when his wings are closed - just sort of pale brown with white underbody. ; But catch him from the other side with the wings open, and that's where the color pops:
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    :-* You guys are posting some great stuff. ; Love the grasshopper, Michael and Justin..(hi Justin!! :D) What gorgeous soft colors in your photos. ; I have a butterfly..but it's been described as more of a Nine Inch Nails kinda shot. ;)

    A Butterfly by *Roni*, on Flickr

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